Image of a person holding water

6 Reasons Why Water Should Be A New Year's Resolution

If you are thinking you should make your health a priority this year, you are right! Everyday we hope to help people make healthy choices for their body and guide them to ways to improve their overall wellness.

Drinking water is a great foundation to lay for a healthy lifestyle. We emphasize LIFESTYLE here because we hope this is something our customers do every day and is not a short-term solution. Water is an essential nutrient for your body, and is something everyone should consider a staple in their diet.

Here are a few reasons it is important to make staying hydrated a priority this year and in the future:

  1. Water helps lubricate your joints
  2. Water helps regulate your body temperature
  3. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids
  4. The digestive system depends on water
  5. Helps maintain blood pressure
  6. Makes minerals and nutrients more accessible to your body

These are just a few reasons why proper hydration should be a lifestyle change. Alkaline water is a favorite with Todd, Trent and Josh. Ask them why they drink it for optimal health

Ask us about easy ways to stay hydrated and alkaline water the next time you are in at No Name Nutrition, and our employees will help you with your hydration needs.