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What began in 1976 is still going strong and serving the Greater Omaha area today

Hurley's No Name Nutrition started life as No Name Organic Vitamins and Health Foods. Nancy and DeLynn Hurley had the forsight to purchase a very small store based on the results a healthier lifestyle had for DeLynn and their youngest son Trent. From humble beginnings in 1976 Hurley's No Name Nutrition Market has grown over the years and expanded multiple times. In 1988, Delynn and Nancy decided it was time to expand more and began building the West Center location.

When we began construction Oakview Mall was a large empty field and a promise of becoming one of Omaha's largest and nicest malls. At that time, West Omaha was just beginning to develop and grow. We have been very blessed by our customers to have been voted Best of Omaha for the past 7 years. Since our start, our focus has been on offering our customers not only the highest quality products, but providing a level of customer service that many tell us is unmatched. Our passion is helping you achieve better health.

Voted Best of Omaha 7 Years in a Row!


Friendly and long-term staff members

Who We are

We are a family owned nutrition and health store that strives to provide an excellent level of customer service to each person who walks into our store. Our employees are made up of our family and loyal members who have been a part of our team for years. Our goal is to connect with customers and find out how we can help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Image of Nancy & Lynn

Nancy & Lynn Hurley

Co-owners and founders

Nancy and Lynn are the founders of Hurley’s No Name Nutrition Market. Since 1976 they have poured their hearts into Hurley’s No Name Nutrition and have been lucky enough to raise their two sons and a grandson to continue the family business. They shopped at the store for their family when it was under previous ownership and fell in love with the idea of owning their own nutrition store. They have two locations of No Name Nutrition Market and there are currently three generations running the stores. What’s the secret to Hurley’s No Name Nutrition Market serving the area for more than 48 years? A commitment and love of serving their customers and friends that you’ll only find from a family-owned business.

Image of Todd

Todd Hurley

In Loving Memory 1968-2022


Co-Owner of No Name Nutrition, Todd is the oldest son of Lynn and Nancy. He began working in the family business at age 14 and now, his son Josh is also in the family business. Most often you’ll find Todd in the 72nd street store. He works hard to build customer relationships and is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to make sure that his customers’ needs are met.

Image of Trent

Trent Hurley

President, CFO

Co-Owner of No Name Nutrition, Trent grew up in the family business too alongside his brother and parents. Most days Trent can be found at the West Center Road location. Married to Kim, they have two sons – Austin and Sam. Trent is an endless source of knowledge for No Name Nutrition customers and loves getting to know the folks who come in to their stores on a first- name basis.


Josh Hurley


Josh is the son of Todd Hurley and has worked at No Name Nutrition Market since he was 14 just like his dad and uncle. He is a great source of knowledge for almost any product in our stores. He currently runs the store on 72nd and Blondo.


Kim Hurley

Kim Hurley is married to Trent, and has been working in our stores since 1995. She is in charge of keeping everyone happy (by doing payroll and scheduling) and tries to keep Trent out of trouble. She can be seen working at our 144th location when not helping out with Bible Study Fellowship for Women. Some of her favorite products are Branch Chain Amino Acids, HMB and Collagen.

Image of Cindy


Cindy has worked at No Name Nutrition since 2006. She works primarily at the West Center store and enjoys the customer interaction at No Name Nutrition Market. She values her customer’s health and strives to make sure they find the best products for a healthy lifestyle. One of Cindy’s favorite products is Vision Support by Nordic Naturals, which supports healthy eyes, provides antioxidant support, and a healthy brain.

Image of Jennifer


Jennifer has worked at No Name Nutrition Market since 2005. Jennifer works at the West Store. She loves teaching customers about the variety of herbs they carry and their uses, and enjoys when customers return with success and recovery stories from using recommended products. A few of Jennifer’s favorite products from No Name Nutrition Market are Agarikon, Coconut Cult Probiotic and NeuroQ Calm Thinking Stress Relief Gummies.



Alyssa returned to work at our store on 72nd in 2021 and has become a great asset. She is in charge of a lot of the ordering, helping to keep our shelves stocked. She is quick to help and will answer your questions with the knowledge she has.



Shelly has only been working at the store since May 2020, but has been shopping at No Name Nutrition for over 15 years. When the pandemic hit, and her priorities were realigned, she found that health and nutrition were something she really wanted to learn more about and No Name Nutrition was the perfect place to work. Everyday is a new learning experience for Shelly. For years she came in for the chemical free and organic soap and essential oil products, now she goes into work at No Name Nutrition to educate herself further about health and nutrition with a smile on her face.

Image if JT


JT has been at No Name Nutrition since July 2020, and has truly enjoyed his time working at the store. He has had the ability to further his education on health and wellness during his time at the store, and feels that he has truly been able to better himself and .


Carol, who has been a long time customer, started in November 2021 and works at our 144th store. Carol has put her years of shopping at our stores and trying different products into helping others!



John joined our team in March 2023 and rotates between our two stores. He has a vast knowledge of supplements for working out and gaining muscle. One of his favorite products is Shilajit in the resin form!



Makayla joined our team in July 2023. She rotates between the two stores, and is quick to help everyone who enters our stores.


Angela joined our team at our 144th store in December 2023. Although she is only here part-time, her smile and willingness to help everyone has been a great asset!


Missy joined our team in May 2024 and is quickly learning where products are. She has experience and knowledge and a willingness to help others!


Jessica also started in May of 2024 at our 72nd store. She too is quickly learning where products are and is ready to welcome everyone with a waiting smile!

2 Convenient Locations

Visit one of our locations today and experience the warmth and comfort of days gone by because No Name Nutrition Market is the place where you truly get "the old-fashioned help" you're looking for.

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