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LPP Concentrated Predigested Protein


LPP Concentrated Predigested Protein

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LPP Protein is a concentrated and peptide bonded free amino acid supplement contains all essential amino acid derived from natural enzyme hydrolysis of collagen protein and whey protein that is used to prevent muscle breakdown.

1000mg (1gram). 100% predigested amino acid supplement. Essential free amino acids for balanced protein protection. Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction. A natural product containing 1000 mg. of amino acids per tablet derived from the enzyme hydrolysis of milk protein (casein). LPP, because of its predigested form, offers 100% utilization and fast body assimilation of the amino acids. LPP is a protein supplement of enormous value to the elderly, to people with digestive problems, for individuals on special and restrictive diets and for athletes.
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100 tab
*Lysine…82.5mg, Histidine…27.5mg, Arginine…40.0mg, Aspartic Acid…72.5mg, *Threonine…42.5mg, Serine…50.0mg, Glutamic Acid…197.5mg, Proline…92.5mg, Glycine…22.5mg, Alanine…28.7mg, Cystine…4.7mg, *Valine…66.2mg, *Methionine…30.0mg, *Isoleucine…53.8mg, *Leucine…87.5mg, Tyrosine…51.3mg, *Phenylalanine…48.8mg, *Tryptophan…18.8mg, [* Essential amino acids]
As a dietary supplement, 1-3 tablets per day taken with meals.
Concentrated Predigested Protein, Essential Free Amino Acids
Does Not Contain
Sugar, Starch.

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